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Wild Cherry, Fall

Oil, 60" x 20," $2700. In my neighbor Karen's yard are these delicate trees that turn brilliant pink-orange in the fall. I was attracted to them for a few years until I got around to painting them. I tried to express the opulence and confusion of the forest in the rest of the piece.

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Papaver Orientale

Oil, 24" x 12," $775. These poppies are on a property that has been in one family for decades. I've painted them in many summers, before and after the death of my mom, June, who was a passionate gardener. When she was about 88 years old she helped me plant many things in my own yard. For a break from the heat we rested in a cotton quilt on the lawn with cold drinks and snacks. Plants that were sown by our ancestors and that have thrived in their areas are profoundly moving, expressing terroir and the love and efforts of past generations.

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Anza Borrego

Oil, 46" x 36," $2700. On the way to Anza Borrego we stayed in the Walmart parking lot in Bakersfield. In the morning the truck had a flat tire and Karl walked to the auto parts store in the other corner of the lot to get a patch kit. The tamale vendor came by and I bought some for breakfast. Our campsite in Anza Borrego was beautiful and free, a turnout off a dirt road. I showered outdoors and it felt amazing to be clean in the arid environment. The crisp distances and repetitive rhythmic designs of this tall plant fascinated me and I took several years to complete this painting. It felt magical to me from the beginning and I did not want to mess it up.

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